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Castle Gardens Groundscapes

Offers a variety of services to meet your needs including lawn service, backyard living spaces, hardscapes and snow removal services.

Backyard Living Spaces

Live Outside, Live well
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Outdoor living spaces can be as simple as a fire pit perfect for roasting marshmallows, or, multifunctional, equipped with many features to satisfy all of the senses. From water features to fire tables, outdoor bars and hot tubs, if you can dream it, we can build it. We can design an outdoor living area specific to your needs and one that will maximize the available area. We have installers certified by the National Concrete Masonry Association (NCMA) and Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI) to ensure your walls are constructed to industry standards and your pavers are installed to bring enjoyment for many years to come. Don’t get stuck indoors! Live Outside, Live Well!

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Lawn Maintenance
& Treatment

May Your Green Lawn Be The Envy Of The Neighborhood
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There is something to be said about emerald green grass and a beautifully manicured property. Castle Gardens Groundscapes takes pride in the way your property looks and it is our mission to ensure your satisfaction each and every time our crews complete their work. We can help steer your lawn in a healthy direction through Weed/Pest management programs, Spring/Fall Aeration and Over-Seeding services and weekly turf grass management that has our customer’s raving about our professionalism

Irrigation Systems

Don’t Waste it, Use it
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How much rain water really runs off of your roof? The average home has approximately 1,500-2,000 sq.ft of roof area. In a 1” rainstorm, a 1,000 sq.ft. roof will produce nearly 650 gallons of runoff! Cars are running on electricity, homes are powered by the sun, why not water your landscape with the free water that hits your roof? Flooding has become a major problem in the Triple-Cities and has impacted thousands of families in the recent past. We can do our part in controlling the environmental impact and the burden of impervious space. Let us help you manage your water and perhaps you can stop dumping money down the drain!

Landscape Lighting Design / Installation

What’s Your Landscape’s Night Life?
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Landscape lighting brings life to your landscape and can accentuate interesting plant varieties. From walkways to up-lighting designed to cast intriguing shadows on your home, lighting can bring safety, security and beauty to your landscape at night.

Water Features

Enhance your landscape with
the relaxing sound of water.

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Water features include water gardens, Koi Ponds and waterfalls. These features are both fun, relaxing and extremely good for the environment. All plants are natural oxygenators, where they supply oxygen to the air we breath. Water plants supply oxygen to Koi fish and gold fish living in ponds. When accompanied by a water fall, Koi ponds stay fresh, clear and offer tranquility and relaxation.

Excavation/ Skid Steer Services

Excavation Equipment Available for Many Projects
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Love doing work yourself but don’t have the necessary equipment to do so? Let us start your project excavation and save you time and a sore back! We have the equipment to get a project started for you or we can manage the entire project in its entirety. From simple French drains to more technical drainage applications and other excavating projects, we can help you get the project underway beginning with the proper excavation. Our machines are ready to tackle your next project.

Snow Removal

Commercial & Residential now removal services
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We offer commercial and residential snow removal services. With our residential driveway service we include snow removal of the main walkway leading to the front door. We offer ice control services for both commercial and residential contracts.

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